Soul Power

“Finding your truth: Living a soulful life.”

When you graduate high school and head to college, you get alot of advice. “Watch out for this, make sure not to miss out on that.”..and consistently you hear “these are the best years of your life.” Someone really wise once said, “The end is better than the begining.” In this commencement speech John Legend gives at the University of Pennsylvania, we get the feeling that there is more to life, more than just getting a degree, more than just being successful, and more than simply maintaining the status quo. It’s about finding the things on earth that you were meant to do.

Cortina is full of those who are active and ready to change the world. It is encouraging, exciting, and somewhat exhilerating to be part of such a community. True success, in many ways, goes to those who don’t care about getting a pat on the back or being recognized. Maybe it goes to those who truly care more about their neighbor, than those who care about their neighbor for the purpoes of being recognized for caring about their neighbor.

“The issues we face are not always black and white.” -Legend. He calls us to action by saying that we need people who are committed to finding the unarmed truth. “We need more truth.” In efforts not to preach at the crowd, he explains that witnessing to the truth requires a commitment to social justice. That we begin to look at how others live, we start caring..and then we start acting. May we bear witness…..

Don’t be afraid to rock the boat, pursue the truth, and to use your resources. To whom much is given, much is expected. Some things are black and white….don’t spend your time disputing the gray areas, but fight the darkness. These aren’t necessarily the best years of your life..but they sure can be sweet.

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