Imagine this scenario:
A young child is grabbed by a middle-aged man in a crowded street. She screams and claims the man is not her father. We would like to believe that we would immediately react to such a situation but would we?

College is full of pressures ranging from pressures to drink or pressures to stay thin. However, do we really comprehend how much those pressures affect our day to day decisions? Basic choices, like where to eat, Brandeis vs. Becker, or what to wear can be based upon the views of our peers. Social conformity creates unnecessary problems in today’s society. The thought of public backlash is enough for anyone to think twice about his or her actions. The situation described above is drastic, yes, but after watching the video below is it that farfetched?


As we grow we begin to realize that we cannot solve all of the world’s problems so there are times when we just “pass the buck” as the video states. We cannot play “hot potato” with people’s lives though so I call on you to react. Set an example for the grazing sheep by helping an elderly lady across the street or volunteering at a local shelter. I do not expect you to instantly start a non-profit (unless you really, really want to), but instead i challenge you to start small and be the black sheep we have heard about.

I will leave you a quote to basically sum this up:

The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity.
Robert Anthony

Be brave. Stand up.

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