Failure and Forgiveness

We’ve all heard that “failure is not an option.” But I wonder…when those moments begin to surface of not meeting the minimum requirements,disappointing people we care about, and feeling like we didn’t quite make the difference we had wanted to make…. where is our identity? When those moments come that shatter all that you may want to seem, all that you seek to portray, and the the appearance that you have it all together is past the point of fragility and is broken….what then?

We all ask may questions in life whether we realize we are asking them or not. Sometimes by the very fact that we are living humans, the questions are always before us.
Sometimes many of these questions come when I daily participate in a spiritual practice I call “sitting.” I don’t do anything, I don’t read, I don’t lie down, I don’t watch TV, get online, or text. I just sit. When I sit I think, pray…ponder, and contemplate the great mysteries of life (or more regulary, the last conversation i had, what I said, and why I said it…) Some of the questions that people in all cultures, societies, and places in the world tend to ask include the following throughout their lifetime:
1. Who am I?
2. What am I doing here?
3. How am I supposed to live and why?
4. Is there something more?
5. What happens next?
Sometimes, it takes just sitting down and thinking to really start to answer the questions. Notice I said, “start.” Not sure what happens when you finish. And the failure…and the disappointment you may feel from others? I wonder if how you answer the questions above dictates how you respond to others when you don’t meet their expectations. Perhaps you should consider forgiveness……..consider forgiving others.

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