Words from El Salvador

Surround yourself with community, and you can move mountains.
Listening to Luis, a Salvadorian local from Guarjila, “the Cortina Community,” I learned that this was more than just a phrase or saying.
Luis’s words and stories inspired me to look around me and see what I could find. Immediately around me, I saw love, support, hope, and encouragement.
But as I extended my gaze I became disheartened by an overwhelming expression of apathy. This was not the mission of Fr. Cortina and thus I was drawn to learn more.
With this desire on my mind, I spoke with Luis later about traveling to El Salvador. I asked if there were dangers of safety and unrest there. He told me the following, “I cannot guarantee you nothing, but I can guarantee you something.” That is, I cannot promise you complete safety (as no one can, not even here at Creighton) but I can promise you an opportunity to experience growth. While I do not know if I will ever make it to the community of El Salvador, I know that these words will help guide my future and inspire me to always be seeking the something.

– Anonymous Resident

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