“The day my God died”

4, 7, 12, 19, 23. I can assure you that this is no algorithm, this series of numbers is in no way supposed to be manipulated, molded, added, subtracted. There is no mathematical relation between these numbers. The single commonality that these numbers share is that they represent ages in which a woman may be sold into slavery, in fact this series is incomplete. Incomplete because reality only exposes a perfectly complete set of numbers, a set ranging from birth to death.

Some girls do not survive 24 hours; they hang themselves with their shawls.

“One Girl” Who is one girl to you? Is she the significant other that lives down the hall? Is she the roommate that you sleep talk with? Is she the sister that you will not see until Christmas? Is she the random red head that sits in front of you in Ethics? Is she the part of your heart that you feel missing when she is gone? Is she someone you do not know? Is she anyone to you?

You cannot say no.

30. This is the number of women in my immediate biological family that have the potential to be sold into the sex industry. 52. This is the number of women on my floor that have the potential to be sold into the sex industry. 108. This is the number of women in my sorority that have the potential to be sold into the sex industry. 2,400. This is the number of women on Creighton’s campus that have the potential to be sold into the sex industry. 338, 409, 057. This is the number of women in the world that have the potential to be sold into the sex industry.

One day she is a child, the next she is a slave.

My day starts with grumbling at the alarm clock, brushing my teeth, taking a shower (on a good day when I have the time), finding my jeans and a white t-shirt once again, praying that coffee will manifest itself on my desk in my first class, grabbing my bag and rushing out the door. Her day starts with knowing that she has no value, her day starts with threats of getting buried alive, with the prospect of getting raped thirty times again this day, for her, each day starts with a morning of hopelessness, personified by the cage in which she is kept. Bred and broken in captivity.

I was honored to be sold for 50,000 rupees.

50,000 rupees, this is less than 1,000 U.S. dollars. What is the price on human life? Their families sell girls for as little as $3.00 to traffickers. If you are one of the many who do laundry on Creighton’s campus, you will understand this connection; In Nepal and across the world, a woman, a human life and soul is worth less than two loads of dirty clothes.

The day I was sold into Slavery, my God died.

Is she anyone to you? The answer is yes. Krisna M., age 19 IS someone to me. Just because I have not met her, just because I have not seen her face does not mean that she does not exist. It can understandably be argued that these problems are too big for you or for me or for anyone to handle. It can also be argued that that is false. Tiny Hands International answers YES she is someone to us and NO there is no monetary price for a life and YES we can make the difference.

Black and Gold.

Black and Gold. On my wrist is Black and Gold. It may not be the gold you are looking for, the gold that will pay off your college loans, it may not even be valuable to you, but the Black and Gold that I wear is valuable beyond belief to me. The braided black band represents the darkness and bondage of trafficking. The precious stone represents Krisna M., my adopted sister in life. The gold I wear represents the light of God’s hope.

Don’t spend your life disputing about the grey. Fight the darkness.

Tiny Hands International, whose specifics I will not bombard you with, as they are made available to you via the World Wide Web, asks you to do the simplest of actions… PRAY. The Black and Gold that I wear reminds me that Krisna has been saved through a miracle of God and that there is hope that others are at this moment being saved too. Tiny Hands has a fantastic variety of ways that you can make that impact, through their jewelry and products, through sponsorships, from praying to donating, but in the end, this is all they are asking, that you pass on the light of God’s hope that lies within you and let it touch the world.

So do not spend your time disputing the grey areas, but rather, fight the darkness because you have the light to do so.

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