Eager anticipation; learning to live ‘a faith that does justice’

This has been a time-intensive week for me. Cortina recruitment is in full swing and that upperclassman college courseload thing has decided that it would be a lovely time to remind me that I’m still a student. So of course it seems a logical point in time to hop on a bus for 20 hours and go to DC. But I know I’ll get through it, and in the end that I’ll remember this week based off of IFTJ and not all the busyness.
Having gone to the IFTJ last year, I’m really eager to see how this one differs. The last 12 months of my life have been me approaching, systematically, each facet of my life and asking — how do I mold this to one that manifests a life and a faith that does justice? And by asking these questions, I’m coming into the speakers and community with a new worldview and perspective that will help me understand the speakers and breakouts in a different context and relation to me. And as I go through this period of active discernment, as I fan the embers of holy restlessness, being in a community of many others at similar points in their lives is an affirming, empowering thing. So it is an eager anticipation more than that anything which describes my feelings about the teach-in at this time.
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,
Timothy Nendick

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