step up to the block, take your mark, GO!

The way I’m feeling about IFTJ is the feeling I got before every one of my races for swimming. I call it the “anticipation pee”. It’s the feeling that I get when I stand behind the blocks waiting for the call to “step up to the block”, “take your mark”, “GO”. I don’t actually have to go to the bathroom but this is how my body tells me that I am ready, as ready as I can be. This is how I feel about IFTJ. I have stepped up to the block. I have made the decision to go. I have made the decision to unite with others and stand up for injustice. I have taken my mark. I have done my research and I have learnt as much as I can. It is the “GO” that I’m anticipating. The “GO” to start the sprint that this weekend will be. It is excitement, nervousness, and hopefulness all at once. The difference between a race I swim and IFTJ is that after this weekend I will not be done, I will not have reached the finish line. IFTJ is just another cheer and “keep going” from my coach (God), my friends (Creighton delegation and community), and my family (the Jesuit community around the nation) to keep going on my race against injustice. I am ready, at least as ready as I’ll ever be, at this point. My heart is racing, my head is pounding, and anticipation is running through my veins.

paz, e.

*IFTJ is short for the Ignatian Family Teach-In on Justice. It is meeting of delegations from all Jesuit Universities, many Jesuit high schools, and other Jesuit communities from across the country, to learn from each other and fight against the injustices. The Teach-In is this weekend, 11/13-11/15 at Georgetown. We are addressing three issues: immigration, environmental injustice, and the closing of SOA/WHINSEC. We will be making legislative visits on 11/15 calling on our representatives to stand up for these issues.

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