“Bondye konn bay, men li pa konn separe.”
This is a Haitian proverb meaning
“God gives but doesn’t share.”
We have all the resources we need
for every person in this world
to survive.
So why is it that some people can have 3 meals a day
as well as an excess amount of left over when
the person
pushing a cart down the street or
the child in a third world country
can barely find enough food to keep them alive,
but barely?
Why is this alright when
we believe in the same God
who is all loving and all powerful
who gave us all of the resources we need
but leaves it up to us to figure out
how to best utilize them?
It is not just because we were
born into privilege
or we worked hard to earn it.

That does not justify it.

I’m not saying drop everything
and live with the poor.
That would not be the
correct request.


we are powerful.
we must encourage law-makers
to change the laws,
to provide more money and support,
to completely reorganize
the systems.


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