A Challenge for the Holidays

As we will soon be on break for the holidays, I want to introduce a challenge for each of you reading the blog. Instead of just “vegging out” during break, why not continue to reflect the values of Cortina by volunteering at the nearby elementary school or celebrating the holidays at the local soup kitchen? Taking a break from school does not mean that we must disregard everything about it. This is a guaranteed way to gain more from break as opposed to catching up on the latest “Vampire Diaries” season. This provides a wonderful opportunity for you to literally show your family what you have learned from the community, as well as give you a chance to give back to your local community. If you are from a small community like me, and the service options are limited, try to incorporate another pillar or concept from Cortina into your holiday break. Just talking about the various issues over a family dinner at least spreads the knowledge. We can act like catalysts in our own communities by keeping in mind that the smallest action can bring about the greatest change.

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