One Busy Week!

Wow! It has been a wonderfully busy time here on the floor!

On Sunday, we had our first JPS Collaboration

On Monday, we welcomed David Funkhouser, an Episcopalian Priest, to our floor. He works for a fair trade certification company, and shared a meal of rice and beans (complimented by Divine Chocolate!) and a conversation with the community. He, with several dedicated students, is working towards making Creighton the first Jesuit fair trade university!

On Wednesday, Professor Calvert, a history professor here at Creighton, came to speak with our floor about the current situations in Egypt. His research focuses on social protest and political resistance movements in the modern Middle East, especially nationalism in Egypt. To learn more about Dr. Calvert, see his biography here. His expertise helped the floor to understand the dynamic revolution underway in Egypt.

On Thursday, we welcomed Ruben Garcia to the floor for cookies and cocoa. He spoke about his role as director of the Annunciation House, a shelter providing hospitality to all peoples in El Paso, especially recent, undocumented migrants. He also spoke about the upcoming legislative possibilities in Arizona, and how it is our obligation, as people of faith and integrity, to ensure we define ourselves in a way which is congruent with with our values.

This Sunday, we will be welcoming NETwork Against Malaria for our Sunday meeting!

It has been a busy and formative week. Shortly, different residents and alumni will be posting about each of these events — and what it meant for them… keep checking for updates soon!

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