Blog from a future Cortinian!

This is a post from a member of next year’s community!

My Personal Contract

Last Sunday, March 20th, I finally got to see my fellow 2011-2012 Cortinians together for the first time, all of us packed into the McGloin lobby. There were many faces I recognized and knew well, but even better, there were many more that I did not. It’s crazy how fast last semester flew by. I settled into my new routine, found my friends, and loved everything about life at Creighton. Walking to my classes, I would see the same people, following their same schedules, and I naively had begun to believe the stories that I had heard from upper classmen: by mid-semester, you’ll “know” every face on campus. At the time, it seemed true. Even if I didn’t know a person, I recognized their face walking down the mall or eating at Brandeis. It made me content and comfortable, but kind of sad at the same time. What? No more new people? Then Sunday rolled around, and ah! How silly I’d been!

I realized then that I had settled in to my new surroundings. It was a good thing that I had become so comfortable with my new home, but it was also the entire problem. I settled myself and stopped throwing myself to the winds and seeing what or whom I would bump into. I settled in and stopped putting myself out there, and so, of course, I knew all the same people and all the same faces. But here was something new. Crammed into that sweltering lobby were one hundred and eleven new faces for me to get to know and love, and I knew that they would push me to push myself.

I have big expectations of my fellow Cortinians. I expect them to be open and kind-hearted, willing to share their experiences and offer advice. I expect them to push me out of my comfort zone when it comes to whom I serve and how I do it. I expect them to be a family to me, a group of people upon whom I can thoroughly rely. I expect my new family to be there when I need them, to be good listeners and sources of strong support and comfort. And for a few very particular reasons, I really need my new Cortinians to offer support and comfort. Coming back to Creighton in the fall will be unbelievably amazing and over-joyous for me, but it will also be very hard and stressful, even upsetting at times… (I’m sorry that only a few of you know what I mean by this. I promise to explain later, but for now…)

I am not expecting all of these wonderful things without offering myself in return. To my fellow Cortinians, to my new family, I promise to offer to you the best of myself everyday. I will be the fiercest friend that I can be. I will always have a smile for you in passing, as well as a “How are you?” and really meaning it. I am a great listener and advice-giver, and I will always, always, ALWAYS be there for you when you need to talk (even at 3:25 am… yes, I’ve done it before). I promise to be perpetually open-minded and honest. If there is something really bothering you, but you are afraid to talk about it, I will ask a million questions until you finally open up. I love giving hugs, and pride myself on my outstanding abilities, so if you really just need a hug, I’m there. If you are struggling with anything, may it be schoolwork, a service site, a relationship, etc, I promise to poke you, prod you, push you, and help you endlessly until you accomplish whatever it is you wanted to get done. I promise to you that my door will always be open (however, this may be figurative sometimes, for the sake of my roommates). I will always be there for you. I promise to never “settle”, and always work to meet new people and go to unfamiliar places. I promise to throw myself to the wind and see where I land.

This is my personal Cortina Contract, effective immediately. It is eternally binding and I will hold myself accountable. It applies to everyone that I encounter, never excluding any individual, but particularly including my friends and fellow Cortinians, the people I will serve and get to know while at a service site, and everyone in the Creighton community.


Emily Butz 😉

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