How Much Would it Cost to Save the World?

About this much.

This year, by the most conservative estimates, the world will spend $1.6 trillion on military expenditures. The United States far outpaces anyone in this race, in the past spending more than the following 4 countries combined. Meanwhile, there are propositions to cut money for: sustainability, access to health care, the people that monitor safe drinking water and food instpection, libraries, schools, public transit, and more. Does this seem right to you? Or horribly wrong?

I’ve always been a very strong on speaking out against military spending. This video puts it very well how we spend money on killing, rather than saving. For less money than we spend on destroying the earth, we could do things to save it.

I encourage you all to join in on April 12th and speak out against skyrocketing military spending. Check out www.demilitarize.org (supported by the Jesuits and the Vatican) for more information. Ideas to take action!
Ask yourself–do you support human rights? or human desolation?

More links/information:
This is an absolutely great visual on how the United States spends your taxes.

Day of Demilitarization
Military Free Zone
Pax Christi USA
Food Not Bombs
American Friends Service Committee
Verterans For Peace
Arms Control Center

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