A Cortinian in Social Entrepreneurship

This past semester, I decided to try something new. I enrolled in not one, but two social entrepreneurship classes. The first is BUS 312 called Creativity and Innovation, the second, BUS 425 Catholic Social Teaching for Social Entrepreneurship. This current semester was the first time the CST class was offered in the Entrepreneurship department. It has been a wonderful class in which you look at businesses and business practices and compare them to the CST principles. This class will be offered again next year, under a different title, and I am really curious to see how it will expand in the coming years.

BUS 312, Creativity and Innovation, is one of the first classes that you take as part of the Entrepreneurship program. The general premise of the class is to pick a social problem that you are passionate about and then throughout the semester, you work to develop a plan on how to go about solving or addressing that problem. That is the general objective of the class, the kind of stuff you will read in a course description but I think what you will leave the class with is something much greater.

This experience has been slightly challenging for me, and that isn’t supposed to scare anyone away, as most of us have learned, often times, it is the challenging things that cause the greatest growth. Anyone who knows me knows that I am almost always fuming with some sort of passion for one thing or another. Again, this is not a bad thing but there are much more effective ways to channel that passion and frustration than just stewing over it.

Social Entrepreneurship has opened up an outlet for me. Throughout my sophomore year, I have been challenged with many social issues and honestly, I was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed. BUS 312 came at a perfect time in my journey because for the first time, I was given a more specific model as to how I could create a solution to some of the most frustrating things that I had seen in the past year.

All in all, Social Entrepreneurship is a really great opportunity to learn about yourself and your creative thinking skills as well as embark on the ever challenging mission of developing a strategy to address the issues in society that often times get over looked. Social Entrepreneurship has been a positive journey for me thus far and I am eager to continue on through the program.

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