Cortinans in Nepal

Hello, all, and I hope your summer has been truly splendid so far!

Today, three Cortinians are on a plane leaving Qutar and heading towards Katmandu, Nepal. There, they will be spending their next 5 weeks on the border, working to help prevent human trafficking of young girls into India to be used in commerical sexual exploitation.

These Cortinans are:
Mike Rios (2010)
Dan Taylor (2010)
Kara Luebbering (2011/4th floor RA spring 2012)

They are traveling with an international organization, Tiny Hands; in the past two years, Tiny Hands has come to speak to the community, and it was, in part these presentations that motivated these three to travel and serve in this way. Emily Hunt, the director of the Cortina Program, has traveled to Nepal with Tiny Hands as well, and serves as a volunteer as well in her free time.

Keep Dan, Mike, and Kara in your prayers and get updates by reading their blog!

There is also a link to the blog at left, along with recent blogs by Cortinians returning from Uganda! Give it a few minutes, some are excellent!

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