Redefining the American Dream

Most of us have grown up surrounded by the ideals of the American Dream. And some of us may still be driving to attain the house in the suburbs with 2.5 kids and a dog. But, as George Barna establishes, attaining this goal put many individuals into precarious positions. Debt has became a nightmare during the so called American dream. In Barna’s new book, Futurecast, he begins to evaluate the changing trends of American society. He hopes to bring awareness to past mistakes, along with drawing attention to the new path society has formed.

As Barna says, “Leaders define reality for people. You cannot effectively define your slice of the world if you’re always a step behind, trying to undo what has already been done. True leaders are compelled by a vision of a superior tomorrow to create that world. You have to grasp the current state of things and the direction things are moving in order to effectively direct the flow of energy and resources. Leadership never happens in an information vacuum; it always builds on trend awareness and cultural potential.”

More information on Futurecast can be found here:


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