Thank You for all You do!

Tonight I spent sometime reading blogs. The last blog that I added to my list in “google reader” was cucortina.blogspot.com This blog is from a program that I was part of my last three years in college. This was 75% of my time – and I gave it more that 100% of my effort so it seems like it was a much bigger part of my college experience. Yet as I read the blog, I realize that I stopped paying attention. Well, not to the community – but to the blog. I started by reading the most recent blogs, reading about a community that even though I am not part of, my heart still belongs to. It is fun to see the growth of the new group and see pictures. But as I continue to read back in time, I’m realizing that I am reading new material that was posted, while I was still part of the community – yet it seems new to me! This is a truly strange feeling. Even though I was giving my all to the program I didn’t know all of the program. This is such an inspiring feeling. To know that one doesn’t know all that goes on.

Ignorance is bliss? not-knowing about the bad things – while this can help someone sleep at night (it is not exactly a good thing). But not-knowing about the good things? or rather knowing that there are good deeds going on that you don’t know about? this definitely helps you sleep well at night. I worry about the bad things that happen that I don’t know about…. but it is good to know that there are good things as well that I am ignorant of. Non-profits that are working for the world that go un-noticed. Saints that go un-recognized. People that do good without expecting good in return? All of these are good things. Somehow knowing that there are good things that happen that I don’t know about – brings me a sense of peace.

Keep doing the good work!

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