The Oslo Accords?

Today in our daily 7:30 liturgy on the 4th floor, our text reminded us that on this day in 1993, the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel agreed to the Oslo Accords.

The years following the accords have been fraught with deep tension, violence, and failed attempts at peace. “the peace process [of the accords] has served as a cover for the settlement process. The number of settlers in the West Bank has risen from 110,000 to 320,000.

Dozens of illegal outposts have popped up on the hills, and 60 percent of the area has been de facto annexed to Israel.”[source]

The accords — and especially these settlers — have proven to be quite divisive in the current context; Palestine to declared that it will seek recognition as a non-member state from the UN next week. More than 140 countries have said that they will support Palestine.

“The trap of the Oslo Accords, which created a class of people dependent for their livelihoods on aid, ensured that independent Palestinian decision-making is now impossible. Under these circumstances, what makes anyone think that it is possible to change the status quo without removing the structures of dependency created by Oslo?” [source]

“A unilateral declaration of independence is a fundamental breach of the Oslo Accords and other signed agreements, and could render them null and void. Article 31 of the Declaration of Principles, otherwise known as the Oslo Accords, stated that: “Neither side shall initiate or take any step that will change the status of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip pending the outcome of the permanent status negotiation.”

This is just one of many reasons why we are calling on governments around the world not to support such a fundamental breach, and support a negotiated peaceful agreement.” [source]

To keep up on news about Palestine’s efforts for full recognition next week, I highly recommend the excellent Al Jazeera.


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