Questions Inspired by Wonder, Heartbreak, and Hope

For those of you interested in creating businesses, working for them, or consuming products and services offered by them (all encompassing?), this article is a great reflective piece:

The author requests that these questions be asked:

Is it possible to be a human person fully alive, in the businesses and markets I am helping to shape?

Is it possible to weave rich human relationships within the business interactions I am helping to make possible?

Is it possible to make something good of the stuff of creation in the workplaces for which I share responsibility?

Are we diminishing the humanity of the people involved in our business, markets, national, or global economies?

Are we allowing our governments to occupy or vandalize the room markets need to grow?

Are we allowing or assisting the values of the market to burst their proper bounds?

Do we inspire hope or foster despair about business among the people we influence?

Do we practice business leadership as an art?

Do we build business and shape markets, contribute to national economies and the global economic order, with an eye only on quarterly results, or with ten-thousand-year eyes?

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