Cortina Reflection

Cortina Reflection: Laura Jablonski, inCOMMON

inCOMMON/Neighbors United at First Baptist Church is so enriching. The organization serves a community meal to those who need it each Saturday morning. Never in my life have I seen such beautiful smiles or felt such gratitude. It just radiates from them. I must say, I now know just how sacred it is to break bread with another person. We discuss the economic climate, Bible verses, and classic rock, among other things. Names are exchanged, personal stories are shared, bonds are formed. Rather than skimming the surface, my fellow volunteers and I dive deep into the spirits of those who walk through the church’s basement doors. See, that’s the thing; when we eat with them, the term “volunteers” disappears. My classmates and I are not superior, helping them from a distant place. We are one and the same, completely equal. I didn’t know it was possible to connect with fellow brothers and sisters the way I do over a meal with them. Beyond any measurable standard of “success,” we accept and love each other for exactly who we are ā€” human beings. Each of us has something to say. And, to me, that is the greatest success of all.

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