Cortina Reflection: Michael Hall, City Sprouts

     Service has opened my eyes to a better, more real picture of what the world is like. There are so many parts of our world and our society that I have not noticed. I may have heard about or read about certain situations, but service truly imprints them in my mind. With this new level of knowledge about how the world really is I can start to change my attitudes and make an impact, however small it may seem.
     As I think about my service at City Sprouts, the best part about it is the people I work with. Genie and Terrel are always able to make me laugh, and that is one of the most important things to me. Even though I have to get up fairly early in the morning, I actually enjoy the work I do. It is not often that I get to use my own two hands to produce something, and seeing a garden produce food from my labor is very rewarding. The best part about service is that it can make a meaningful change in your life.

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