Cortina Reflection

Cortina Reflection: Audri Talmadge, Sienna Francis House

Dear God,
I come to You as I come to no one else.
I am so sorry.
I have nearly thrown away my life, my body, my soul
—through addiction.
But recognition of my addiction
has never given me power to control it.
You know this.
You never blame me.
You know the truth.
Addiction is an attractor field – a low vibrational level.
I wound up there because I was trying to escape pain,
Or I was trying to experience something transcendent,
And I got stuck.
But there is a better way to escape pain,
And there is a better way to touch rapture.
I can receive an authentic calling from You.
Therefore, I surrender myself to what I can be
—to that highest level to which You call me.
I demand, now, in this moment, Father, that You call me
—that You call me loudly.

From the book: Prayerforce: 365 Days to a New Life

At the Sienna Francis House, our group volunteers time making brown bag lunches and serving breakfasts.  I think my favorite part of service, however, is being a support member in their Miracles Support Network Program, an anti-addiction and anti-alcoholism community that meets after breakfast.  Each week, we hear how going to meetings, reading the big book, and talking to the sponsors is all a part of an incredible journey. Each program participant radically rededicates their lives to the program for as long as it takes to break the cycle of addiction.  Prayers, like the one above, are read at every meeting. Insincerity is not accepted.  Excuses are rejected.  In the fight with addiction every single person is accountable to themselves and to God, and that’s it.  The question we must ask then, is how do we support each other through acceptance and encouragement when we are struggling ourselves? How do we model Christ’s love for us to those around us? We’re still looking for an answer, but that’s where grace comes in. 

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