Cortina Reflection: Brianna Wilcke, Hope Center

Reflecting on the time that we’ve spent at the Hope Center, we’ve encountered a unique group of kids. We’ve found that there is much more diversity in North O than we thought. It’s really interesting to get to know the students we help because they’re all from different schools and backgrounds. It’s great that every time we go to service we are able to take on new challenges and learn new things.
                From just the couple of months we’ve spent volunteering at the Hope Center, we’ve already been able to form relationships with a lot of the students we’re helping. We’ve seen the huge potential that the students have, and continually see more as we visit. Whether we play carpet ball and basketball with the members or help them with their various subjects in homework, we have a great time. The Hope Center is an awesome place for both kids and teens because there are really great things going on there preparing them for their futures. We look forward to going every week, and the growth is obvious not only in the kids, but also in us. 

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