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Cortina Reflection: Community Bike Project

     We think that this site allows great things to happen right away. We can see the positive change in the people that we assist almost immediately. We help them improve their means of transportation, which for many, is their only way to get around. It is cool to see people coming together from many different types of socio-economic backgrounds to work on a simple way of transportation—biking. 

     Since the bike shop was placed in a neighborhood where some sketchy things happen, we see that it has brought stability to the neighborhood. It is also nice that the owners of the house do not charge any rent for the Community Bike Project. We also noticed that this service site is not a typical site one would think of when they hear the word “service.” It’s not a homeless shelter or a daycare where you play with kids. 
     It is also different in that it isn’t tailored to a specific type of person, like the homeless or children. Like we mentioned earlier, there are people that come from the upper class in order to fix their bikes. The bike shop treats everyone equally, and it also deals with a want, since you technically do not need a bike to live as a human being. 
     We think this is good because not all of us can relate to lacking necessities such as food and shelter, whereas working with a want, we can all relate because we have all had a bike and relied on that as our means of transportation at some point of our life. We are all connected because of the need for transportation in this day and age. When you contribute this service to the person’s life you can see why this site fits into the Cortina mission.

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