Sex. Slavery. Injustice.

If you are unaware that there are more slaves in the world today than there were back in the days of sanctioned American slavery–be no longer unaware.

Our world has an ever-growing number of trafficked human beings. Many of them women, many of them children. Slavery today, unlike slavery in 1800’s America, knows no boundaries–people of all races, all creeds, all sexes, all ages are trafficked for all kinds of reasons.

All trafficking dehumanizes, but there is nothing more dehumanizing than being sold for sex. This is not just a problem for other, less developed nations, it is happening right here in the U.S.

Read this article, published in NPR, about the lack of regulatory measures in place to prevent sex trafficking and/or punish those involved in it: States Fail in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking

For more information about 21st-century slavery all over the world, read here: Freetheslaves.net

For more information about what is being done to end slavery, read here: International Justice Mission and read here: Tiny Hands International

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