Creighton University

Alumni Residence Council 2012-2013

Interested in joining the Alumni Residence Council for 2012-2013? There have been some changes to our structure and so if you are interested please read through the position descriptions. Once you have done that and have become sufficiently excited, follow this link to our application. Looking forward to looking at your apps!

Alumni Residence Council
The Alumni Residence Council is made up of upperclassmen and women volunteers who have completed the Cortina Program.

Leadership Team
The Cortina Leadership Team is made up of 6 Chairs (Formation Co-Chairs, Community Time Chair, Class Co-Chairs, and a Recruitment Chair) and the 4 Resident Assistants. This group is responsible for overseeing the activities, processes, and people that are integral to making Cortina what it is.

Along with their respective duties, each of the chairpersons will be involved in a weekly planning meeting with the whole leadership team and a bi-weekly one-on-one with a Cortina staff representative (occurring on the off week of the leadership team meeting). Also, each team member will be a part of the interview process for the next year’s class.

The specific duties of each chair person are as follows:

Formation Co-Chair (2)
The Formation Co-chairs will oversee the Alumni Residence Council Formation Group Leaders. They will be expected to:
-Plan and implement a training day prior to the start of the Cortina year,
-Meet with all formation group leaders monthly to do development and reflection on their leadership role,
-Collect information from the leaders about each service partnership, as well as Cortina student attendance,
-Coordinate transportation to and from service sites,
-Provide helpful information to the Leadership Team about the students’ engagement with the Cortina service sites,
-Trouble shoot and creatively problem solve when issues arise,
-Give guidance and encouragement to the group leaders about facilitating active discussion and a safe community within the Jesuit context during Sunday Community Time.

Community Time Chair
The Community Time Chair will oversee the planning and implementation of the Cortina Weekly Community Time. This person will be expected to:
-Create a schedule for the weekly Cortina Community Times,
-Work in conjunction with Residence Life Staff member to facilitate on-going development and dicussion of Cortina ideals,
-Collaborate with the Class and Formation Chairs to integrate all facets of Cortina Life into community time,
-Communicate with Formation co-chairs about weekly expectations for Formation Group Leaders during Community Time,
-Reserve space for each weeks’ community time,
-Attend Cortina weekly community time.

Class Co-Chair (2)
The Class co-Chairs will facilitate the coordination of class content and community development with regard to the Fall Ethics (Philosophical or Theological) and Spring JPS Classes. They will be expected to:
-Facilitate course enrollment for the Fall and Spring,
-Serve as a liaison between their assigned Cortina professors and the Leadership team, including meetings with professors and class visitations,
-Plan Fall and Spring Community Time with the Community Chair that integrates classroom material.

Recruitment Chair
The Recruitment Chair will oversee the Recruitment processes. This person will be expected to:
-Plan, advertise, and implement Cortina Information Nights for freshmen,
-Coordinate the Cortina Community interview schedule, including rooms, interviewers and interviewees,
-Assist with the selection process,
-Creatively market and communicate the mission of the Cortina Community throughout the year.

Alumni Residence Councilmembers

Formation Group Leaders
(Expectation of 5 hours each week)
Each Formation Group leader will be responsible to:
-Attend the training day before service begins on August 18,
-Participate in weekly service with his/her Cortina Formation group,
-Facilitate reflection on service,
-Complete weekly attendance surveys,
-Attend monthly Service Site Coordinator meetings on Tuesday nights at 9pm,
-Attend Cortina Community Time on Sundays from 6-8, and facilitate formation group discussion, creating a safe space for open dialogue about faith, world issues, vocation, service, et cetera.
-Communicate about any needs with the Service Site Co-Chairs.

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