Some Thoughts

Manifesto:The Mad Graduate’s Liberation Front

Each day is an unrepeatable onceness.
Embrace each and feel the sun’s warmth on your face.
Walk barefoot down the mall and stop to talk to someone,
even if it means being late for whatever you’re going to.  
It’s not as important in the end.

Amble around, pensively.
Don’t know where you are going.
It makes it all the more exciting when you arrive.

Just put foot in front of foot and keep moving.

Don’t walk by the color purple or the blooming redbud.

Listen to the story they tell, and thank them for it.
Thank them, and share them, because others walk by them all the time.  

Be adventurous.

Try new things and go to new places.
Drive with the windows down and the music up. Sing along.
Welcome the sunrise from atop a hill with friends and a slowly cooking breakfast.

Don’t forget that you are alive.  
The steady drumming of your heartbeat always lies just beneath your skin.
Dance along with it.  

Be crazy.  
Be reckless.  
Do something which doesn’t make sense to anyone besides you.
Do that, and drag others along with you.  

Stand for something.  

Let your voice shake when you talk.
Find the sacred indignation and restless inside you, and don’t be afraid of them.
Feel the fire in your bones and share it.

Stand for something, but don’t stop there.

Listen to the little rumbles in your heart, because they are all you have.
You won’t know what they mean.
Listen to them anyway.  
Be a megaphone, amplify them into earthquakes. They are.

Start campfires and sit around and talk.

Go to sleep bone weary, but with a view.
And not before being enraptured by the stars and the sound of the wind through the cottonwoods.

Behold God, beholding you, and smiling!
See the light in others, and acknowledge it in yourself.

Let it shine.  It will regardless.

Walk around with a full moon in each eye,

with an open embrace and with a joy in your step.  
Allow others to do the same by your presence.   
Each person is a walking invitation.  Accept them.

Some things will scare you to your core.  

Do them anyway.
Do them first.
They’re the things that matter.

Because you’ll never know everything.  

You will, however, know enough.  

So don’t be afraid to admit what your friends mean to you.  

You have scant enough time to realize just how important they are.  
You have even less time to tell them.

So do.

Friends, what I am saying is this:

Be reckless.

Fall in love.

Practice Resurrection. 

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