Tuesday Newsday [8.28.2012]

Welcome to the first installment of a little program we like to call “Tuesday Newsday.” This will be a conglomeration of important headlines in the local and national communities. Please feel free to comment with other stories you are reading/hearing that might be important for others to see/hear. Clearly there is a lot more happening than we could possibly read, but you have to start somewhere. We intentionally link to different news sources. So expect a wide variety. If you are wondering when we will talk about global news, make sure you check in tomorrow for “Wednesday’s What’s Going on in the World?!”

The Local News

Ben Nelson’s time in the senate is almost up. The two contenders for the spot (Kerrey and Fischer) debated at the Nebraska state fair last week.
Here is a report of the events
Watch the debate here
Read about Kerrey’s platform
Read about Fischer’s platform
Interested in the money involved with this campaign?
Where does Nebraska fit nationally?

There was a hearing on Monday night about the future of Iowa School for the Deaf.
Parents were fearful that it might close.
Emotions ran high at the hearing, but no decision is expected until January.

The ACLU reminds Nebraska that students are not required to say the pledge.

The National News

Hurricane Isaac is doing more than disrupting the Republican National Convention. The floodgates in New Orleans, created after Katrina, have been closed as of today. 
Check out the latest updates.
CNN has some pictures and some of the recent effects since it has been upgraded to hurricane status.

The ACLU is fighting a battle for voters’ rights. Thought that was over at the drop of the 15th amendment? 
Perhaps not.
Here’s what it looks like in Colorado.

Similarly, in South Carolina’s news, this.

With the election close at hand, or just because it’s Tuesday, there is dissention in the republican party over a number of things. Here is a recap of the last couple weeks:
Ron Paul and the Republican Convention.
A concise play by play of Akin’s “Legitimate Rape” snafu. And, some reactions: The New Yorker, NPR on how it affects the presidential election, the LA Times on his decision to remain the senate race, a personal story of a woman who had her rapist’s baby.

The Wall Street Journal on the actions taken by the U.S. Military to discipline U.S. Soldiers who burnt the Quran.

NPR reports on a new documentary put out by conservative Dinesh D’Souza:  2016: Obama’s America

That’s all until 10 minutes from now, when something else important happens in the world.

Who has more stories they need to share? Add them in the comments!

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