Wednesday’s “What’s Going on in the World?”

Here are some important things that are going on in our big, wide world:

Aljazeera reports on the 17 soldiers beheaded by the Taliban.

Children are “taught to hate, so they hate.” In Israel, the escalated violence amongst youths has made the schools begin to confront ingrained stereotypes and violent attitudes and actions. Read the story here.

In El Salvador, with the help of the Catholic Church, there was recently a “Gang’s Truce,”:
Read about it here.
Listen to a former gang member talk about the Truce.

Vladamir Putin has claimed that he “works like a galley slave.” 
The Guardian has some thoughts on his self-given title.
The Feminist Musicians have something to say.
Check out the Atlantic Wire’s photo coverage of the Pussy Riot.

Venezeula’s  refinery blast left 48 dead and many more injured.
The BBC updates us on the situation.
Time reports on how this may be an effect Hugo Chavez’s re-election.

Mexico begins to revamp its judicial system.

Did you read Edward Said’s Orientalism? Pankaj Mishra’s new book about Eastern intellectualism will broaden the view of the development of the East. “Mishra is no mean polemicist, but he is also an intellectual historian who can skilfully paint in background, simplify boldly to open up broad perspectives on the past, and popularise without condescension…overall it gives a voice to characters often ignored by western historians and makes an eloquent contribution to the “west versus the rest” debate.” -Ben Shephard

There is a whole lot more happening in the world. What have we missed? What are important headlines you want to bring to readers’ attention?

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