Monday Meditation: On Particularity

We went on a retreat this weekend. It was wonderful. We talked about the layers and work of community, about creating sacred space, about bringing our assets to enhance the life of the community, about becoming servants to one another, and about vulnerability.

We began the retreat by acknowledging difference. We acknowledged the different places that we were all in both on that day, but also in life. We moved to an acknowledgement of our different desires and gifts by writing personal mission statements for the year. We acknowledged the diversity of other communities present within and surrounding our own.

This difference, this particularity,  may be the most important part of our community and the most difficult. See the short video below for Walter Bruegemann’s reflections on honoring particularity.

How can you honor your own particularity? How can you honor other’s particularity? Knowing that this doesn’t mean agreeing or experientially understanding, how can you set yourself up to respond and love well when you encounter ideas or customs that are strange to you? Why is this important?

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