What's Up in the World Wednesday

Wednesday’s “What’s Going on in the World?”

With labor day past and the official end to summer creeping up on us, I don’t blame anyone who isn’t all that eager to hear about the evils happening in our world. So, I figured that for this Wednesday after labor day, as a little homage, we could focus on positive labor oriented things happening in our world!

In Saudi Arabia there has been some progress and great support for integrating women into the work force. Especially since about 57 percent of Saudi women have university degrees, but only about 15 percent are in the work force. This article discusses Saudi Arabia’s openness to women seeking work and points toward the question, “Why do we educate our women and then expect them to just sit at home?”

Here is an interesting piece from Aljazeera that talks a little bit about the recent upward trend in migration from Spain to South America directly related to labor and availability of jobs. It’s an interesting view of immigration and labor outside of the United States. People are immigrating and looking for jobs all over the world.

This last article is about Greece’s new longer work week suggestion. The article also speaks briefly about their current economic crisis. It’s an interesting trade for more bailout funds. I am not sure what Americans would think if the work week was expanded in our country to cover our economic crisis. I guess we’ll have to see how the Greeks respond.

These aren’t issues that we usually hear about as pressing international news, however, I thought them important because they do impact many working class people around our world. I hope this helps us feel even just a little more connected to them.

Happy Wednesday!

-Michelle V.

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