Tuesday Newsday

Tuesday Newsday [9.11.12]

Happy Tuesday! Today we are encouraged to remember our past, but we should also be mindful of our present.
Let’s get informed.

Local News

UNMC is building a $300+ million cancer research facility. The city of Omaha and Douglas County are pledging to contribute about $40 million to help.


Here is one way they are considering paying for it:

Bob Kerrey and Deb Fischer are having a debate at the Omaha community playhouse. I’m gonna go—want to go with me? Reservations required.


National News

Chicago public school teachers are on strike. Like, all of them. Today marks day 2:

Israel is unhappy with how the Obama administration is dealing with Iran:


Now that the RNC and DNC are over, Obama and Romney are still pretty close in overall polls (but there are some details that say otherwise):


As a congressman, Paul Ryan requested funds from the “Obamacare” legislation he is promising to repeal.



As you survive this busy week, I encourage you to be mindful of what’s happening outside of Creighton, because they really are things that affect us and our neighbors. Thanks for being informed members of your communities.


1 thought on “Tuesday Newsday [9.11.12]”

  1. Yes. I want to go with you Westin. We can observe the moderator so that you can become the best debate moderator that the world has ever seen…OR HEARD!


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