What's Up in the World Wednesday

Wednesday’s “What’s Going on in the World?” [9.12.12]

Here are some of the major world headlines from the week. Feel free to leave comments about other important stories.

YoSoy132 youth are not satisfied with the Mexican elections and the corruption therein.

Sadly, on the anniversary of 9/11, in Benghazi, the American ambassador to Libya has been killed because of anger over an anti-muslim film. There are three others confirmed dead. Attacks are happening both in Benghazi and in Cairo. This will probably have a disastrous effect on on the precarious relationships between different religious groups within Egypt and Libya (as if they aren’t already precarious enough), not just on international relationships.   This the movie trailer in question.  The comments section on this trailer is enough to make a person sick. This is the statement that Obama is releasing.

The North Korean government is refusing aid for the thousands displaced by a typhoon

Germany has decided to help keep the Euro together by joining the European bailout fund. There are many questions as to what this decision means from a humanitarian point of view–especially for the average European citizen. 

Somalia’s president and the Kenyan Foreign minister narrowly escaped the suicide bombing attack on their lives. But, 8 others are dead in an attack that targeted President Mohamud because of his western interests.

Russia, China, and the US agree that something must be done to discontinue Iran’s production that could result in nuclear arms. Iran claims that this production is for “peaceable purposes only.” Though, this is frightening to Israel, as Iran has frequently called for the end of the Jewish states.

This is a week that reminds us that the work of peace will be slow and must be patient and bold.

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