Some Thoughts

The Journey Towards Worth

This semester I am doing an internship at Siena/Francis homeless shelter. Currently in my internship I am getting to know the guests and the people in the addiction recovery program. Every Friday morning at 10am there is a community meeting where we celebrate birthdays, sobriety anniversaries, and graduations from the addiction recovery program. Every week I have been sitting and getting to know the same couple women. This past Friday I had an incredible conversation with one of those women.

Over the weekend she had spent time with her son and grandson. She talked about the fun she had over the weekend and how much that time meant to her. She said very explicitly after telling me all of this that she finally felt worthy, because she recognized God’s love for her and because she felt that she deserves to be loved and to be worthy.

This concept of feeling worthy of other’s love has never been an idea I have thought about by that name. But how true is it that we have to find worth within ourselves before we can accept that others see worth in us and love us for who we are. We all have weaknesses, insecurities, strengths, fears, and hopes. Sometimes those weakness, insecurities, and fears hide the fact that we also are good. But I think, based on some of the conversations and experience I have had at Siena/Francis, that it is in accepting that these weaknesses are a part of who we are and that we need the love of others to help us to love ourselves along the journey that we really come to find that we are worthy.

Peace, Elizabeth

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