Monday Meditation: On Peacebuilding

The video below is the trailer for a larger work that has yet to come out. But, with the snippets we do get, there is vision for peacemaking that is cast.

On Sunday, the Cortina Community talked about what it means to engage conflict, to acknowledge the thoughts, experiences, and stories of the people in our lives, especially the ones we don’t agree with. This is always “grassroots.” No one can be forced to engage and acknowledge an enemy or a person who holds a rival ideology. Mary Lee Brock reminded us that underneath the specific conflict there is a world of values and experiences that are unseen. Instead of assuming and criminalizing, how can we be listeners, acknowledgers and engagers? See how these three young people are doing just that through their participation in this film and the things they share therein:

How can we situate ourselves in places where we are hearing more than just the perspectives that we agree with? How can we open ourselves up to people with whom we don’t agree and be willing to change our opinion if need be? How can we respond out of belief, but not belief that is born of fear? How can we do this in our families? With our neighbors? With our friends? With our enemies?

In 1946, when speaking of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Dorothy Thompson said, “Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict.” Prophetic words that speak not just to this specific issue, but to many, many issues facing the world as it is today.

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