Tuesday Newsday

Tuesday Newsday [9.18.12]

What’s that? You want to be informed human beings?

Local News

Conservative groups are really upset about recent anti-LGBT discrimination laws passed by the city council. They want a public vote to overturn the decision. The World-Herald doesn’t have anything I can find yet, but here are two obscure links to the story. I won’t vouch for their journalistic quality, but they might give a nice summary:


Your weekly Kerrey-Fischer article:


National News

Update on the teacher’s strike in Chicago—perhaps there is an end in sight.


The Romney campaign is struggling with some unfortunate videos released. In this one, he says peace in the Middle East is unrealistic because the Palestinians don’t want it.


Todd Akin is refusing to withdraw from the Missouri Senate campaign, to the dismay of some and the joy of others. The withdrawal deadline is quickly approaching, and there is some disagreement over what the polls in Missouri actually say.


READ THIS. Children may soon have 3 parents.


Thanks for reading. Thanks for caring about the world around you.


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