Wednesday’s “What’s Going on in the World?” [9.19.12]

Some major headlines from this week:

French Strike Again:  Just a week ago, a French magazine published pictures of royal celebrity Kate Middleton topless in a private beach in southern France. Earlier today, the French magazine Charlie Hebdo published cartoons making fun of the Prophet Muhammad. This will definitely cause more outrage in the already angered people of Muslim countries that have been protesting against the “Innocence of the Muslims” video.

Myanmar’s political activist Suu Kyi has already received the Nobel Peace Prize and now is scheduled to receive the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal. She has an awe some profile as an opposition leader, political activist and peacemaker.

India Clears Walmart: Last Friday the government in India gave an “all clear” to Walmart. For years the Indian government had established several restriction on Walmart operations. The reform came last Friday after long days of debates on economic policies.

ASPA CEO Summit: Around 400 businessmen are scheduled to meet this coming October 1sy. The meeting will gather CEO’s from several companies in Latin-America as well as The Middle East. For some years now, the Middle East and Latin America have become strong political and economic allies.


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