Wednesday’s “What’s going on in the world?”

Hello lovely people! It’s Wednesday and these are some of the things that are going on in our big world. Tonight’s blog is inspired by a quick dinner that I shared with friends in Brandeis earlier. We talked about the large amount of privilege that we enjoy as college students at Creighton and it got me thinking about the things that we take for granted in our life. Here are some highlights on things happening around the world that are linked to some of the values that we take for granted in our lives.

The first link is from the New York Times. It is an article that further explains the rebuttals that Egypt and Yemen offered at the UN on the the right of freedom of speech and why they believe cultural limits on rights like freedom of speech have to be respected.

The second link is from Aljazeera. This is a piece that touches on Iran’s block access of google and gmail in efforts to establish a walled-off domestic Intranet. I can imagine that Americans would be pretty outraged if our gmail was suddenly blocked.

The third link is from the BBC. I leave you on a more positive note with a short video about Malaysia’s “Smart villages” that are providing poor families, with little education, new homes and jobs. It really made me reflect on all the luxuries that we enjoy in our dorms and homes. It is an exciting program that is providing people in Malaysia with opportunities.

Thanks for reading!

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