Tuesday Newsday [10.2.12]

Good morning, well informed-homies. Welcome to October.
U.S. National elections are only 35 days away, and that means
it’s more urgent than ever that we are aware of what’s happening
in our city, our country, and our world.


Voter registration is waay down this year, according to this article by the Guardian.

Are you registered? You only have 4 days left to register! Do it HERE.

Local News

The city council is voting TODAY on a tax to partially fund the new cancer research center.
The research center and the tax could have dramatic implications for Omaha.

Bob Kerrey and Deb Fischer had their final debate yesterday, continuing to highlight the stark
contrast between the two candidates. Read a summary here.

Register to vote here!

National News

A Pennsylvania judge has taken a strong stand against voter ID laws–strong enough, at least,
to postpone implementation until after November 6.
Read about it here — this isn’t just about politics. It’s about social equality and the definition of what it means to be a citizen in the United States.

The Samsung-Apple cat fight has continued into the iphone 5. So many law suits!

The Presidential race is still very winnable by either side, but Romney is strugglin’ with the ladies.

Want to register to vote? Do it here!

Westin’s thoughts about voting.

I know you’re busy. I know it is frustrating to “not be as informed as I should be.”
I know some of you don’t like talking or thinking about politics. I know a lot of
politicians are slimy.

I know it seems like your vote really doesn’t matter.
I also know that’s total crap.

The decisions that are made by politicians we elect will affect us for the rest of our lives.
Don’t let yourself be affected by something over which you had no control.

Don’t be afraid. Be informed.
Oh, and register to vote here.

With love,

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