Wednesday’s “What’s Going on in the World?” [10.3.12]

Hey everyone,

The world is a happening place. Here are some big headlines:

Breaking news in Iran is that the rial, their currency, has plummeted in value, causing rioting and general unrest.

In Syria, the city of Aleppo is the site of 3 recent suicide bombings The city is split down the middle, with the government holding one side and the rebels holding the other. The struggle for control has now resulted in this tragic event, causing dozens of deaths and destruction of a large building. Also  in Syria, the border city of Ackakale is has been hit by Turkish retaliatory artilery attacks. Violence from all sides in Syria this week.

Northern Mali has been taken over by Islamic extremists, enforcing Sharia law despite the overwhelming opposition from most of the Muslims living in the area.

Indonesian factory workers from an estimated 700 companies are rising up in protest today, demanding better wages and an end to the use of contract workers. Indonesian factory workers are among the worst-paid for their labor in Asia.

Watch this Aljazeera video about the relationship between Israel and Turkey, its evolution and prospect.

What else is happening in the world this week?

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