THINK: Omitted Concerns

“This year, amid the presidential campaigns, we’ve heard a lot about the middle class. We’re told that such-and-such a policy was designed to appeal to middle-class voters. Another policy will strengthen the middle class. But there’s one issue I’ve missed hearing from both candidates’ campaigns: I haven’t heard a word about what they propose to do for those who suffer from poverty — here in the United States or around the world…(read the rest of the article here at World Vision’s website)”

We talk a lot about what is said. How often do you think about what is unsaid, especially when it is not “your” concern? What arguments in your life seem very one-sided?  Have you attempted to listen for the concerns that someone outside the conversation might have, especially about those people or issues that are generally forgotten in your conversations? Who do you omit (or intentionally orchestrate out) when you create the systems that govern your life?

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