Advocacy Alerts

Thanks the the CCSJ for our weekly advocacy alerts!

Catholic Climate Covenant
St. Francis Pledge
In celebration of Sustainability Week at Creighton, and St. Francis day yesterday, Catholics are taking the St. Francis Pledge. The pledge is a commitment to care for creation and people who are poor. The St. Francis Pledge is a promise and a commitment by Catholic individuals, families, parishes, organizations and institutions to live out our faith by protecting God’s Creation, and advocating on behalf of people in poverty who face the harshest impacts of global climate change. Sign the pledge to pray, learn, assess, act, and advocate for those being seriously negatively affected by climate change.
Pax Christi
Support Kimberly Rivera
Kimberly Rivera, a conscientious objector and Iraq War resister, is currently on base at Fort Carson, Colorado, awaiting information on her case as well as further orders from her commanding officers.
Last month, Kim complied with the Canadian government’s deportation order and spent time in the Lewis County Jail in Lowville, N.Y. She was arrested after voluntarily crossing into the U.S. and detained at Ft. Drum, N.Y. She had been in Canada since 2007 with her family.
“Kim Rivera’s refusal to participate in an ‘illegal’ war and her courageous decision to come to Canada was not only an act of peace, it was her duty,” Ken Marciniec, a spokesman for the War Resisters Support Campaign (WRSP), said in a statement. Send Kim a letter or card of support. Find her address here!

Upcoming Events

Nebraskans for Peace
Peace Vigil

Saturday October 6, 2012, 1-2pm.
72nd and Dodge, on the street corner
Nebraskans for Peace
Re-Opening the investigation of Ed Poindexter and Mondo We Langa
Saturday, October 13, 2012, 3:00 pm
Malcolm X Center3463 Evans St, Omaha, NE
For more information contact Mary at mrydickin@gmail.com or Tariq at tariq2x@gmail.com

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