Tuesday Newsday [10.9.12]

Happy Midterms Tuesday!

I know you feel swamped, but there is still so much happening all around us!
Take a little study break and glance around at some of these links to see what’s

Omaha News

The ability to be bipartisan has become a central issue in the Kerrey-Fischer race,
which can be tricky since Nebraska does not have a partisan legislature. Read your
weekly Kerrey-Fischer update here!

Apparently Omaha burglars are defying stereotypes, many choosing to rob houses
during the day.Yikes.

National News

Protestants are no longer the majority in the U.S. A pretty significant fact for
social, religious, and political life in the country.

Tomorrow the U.S. Supreme Court will undertake the case of an applicant to the
University of Texas who says her application was rejected because she is white.
The decision has the potential for either serious consequences for the university,
or the elimination of affirmative action. Read about it here!

Four states will soon be voting on initiatives about marriage. Hopefully the importance
of this doesn’t need any explanation.

Vote-by-mail is a common method of casting your ballot. Even though this author seems
opposed to it, he also addresses that is is fast, simple, and safe.


Thanks for taking the time to stay informed about what’s happening
around us. Last week I skyped with my friend Vera in Belarus, where they just had another
rigged election, thus electing their “president” for another consecutive term despite his being in
power since the fall of the U.S.S.R. It was a great reminder for me to not take this democratic
process for granted. What’s worse than political ads delaying our YouTube videos? Not being able to vote in a fair election.
If you want a tool to help us re-appreciate our immense political freedom, take this citizenship test
and see if you are “worthy” of voting. Of course, if you were born here, you get an automatic A.

Good luck this week!


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