According to this article (which has some great pics and which you should all read), the hastag #firstworldproblems is used 5 times PER SECOND.

“The cumulative effect of seeing so many of them so frequently creates an online atmosphere with neither the sensitivity nor awareness to deal with the serious social problems that lay on the other side of the gags. In response, the agency partnered with the nonprofit organization WATERisLIFE in an effort to harness the hashtag in the service of those who are suffering from other, less hilarious, kinds of problems.”

Here is the product. For some, their methods may see controversial. However, the point is well taken.

How often have you thought about your wealth or privilege and not even begun to move to gratitude, let alone giving? What keeps us from moving beyond the initial guilt of our #firstworldproblems and entering in to sustained thought or action? Who is the internet for? Is what we say welcoming to the strangers of the internet, those who find access at the library, at the local shelter, or whose rural town was just given a single computer with access to the greater online world? Are we thinking of these people while we hastag? Probably not, even though the hashtag necessitate their existence (and their material lack).

Thanks to Nicole Bray for sending me this article,


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