Photo Friday: Girls + Education = ?

In response to the following charge by World Vision ACT:S, Elizabeth hung out in the common area to see what people thought Girls+Education equals. And then she took some photos:

Educating a girl doesn’t just change the life of the girl – it impacts her family and those around her. When girls receive equal access to education, they marry later in life, they have fewer children, they add great value in the workforce, and they know how to keep their families safe and healthy. Educating girls means that entire communities and countries are transformed.

Join us as we partner with 10×10 to celebrate the first annual “International Day of the Girl” on October 11. The goal is simply to get people excited about what can happen when you educate girls. You can host a party, hold small group discussions, or just get some people walking by on campus to answer the equation and snap a photo! (WorldVisionActs.org)

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