Tuesday Newsday [10.30.12]

What’s that? You are hungry? For INFORMATION?



Local News

Speaking of yesterday’s Monday Meditation on American pride, Nebraska high schools are changing their curriculum, and there is some heated debate over whether climate change and “American exceptionalism” ought to be included. Check it out here.

The Nebraska U.S. Senate race is more closely contested than ever. Bob Kerrey has pulled within 2-3 percentage points of Deb Fischer. Read the Omaha World-Herald’s take on why.

Whether you support Kerrey, Fischer, or neither, Steve Martin’s endorsement of Bob Kerrey is easily the best political ad of the year.

Mayor Jim Suttle wants to revamp the rules concerning the release of violent inmates.

National News

Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast yesterday, and did some serious damage.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford are at each other’s throats in the aftermath of Sandy.

Governor Christie, formerly one of President Obama’s biggest critics, has been heaping praise on the President for his handling of the crisis, and has been praising FEMA’s response to the hurricane. Nobody saw that coming.

Most Americans now believe in science! Progress.

The American Academy of Pediatrics officially endorses embryonic stem cell research, but with restrictions.

It is officially 1 week until the election. Politics certainly does not encompass everything, but everything is in some way related to politics. I encourage you all to inform your upcoming vote with not only political articles and ads, but also with science, health, and ethics. These decisions matter, and the votes you cast affect the news stories you read.

Have a great week.


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