Wednesday’s “What’s Up in the World?” [11.7.2012]

While the US is concerned with elections, countries around the world are struggling with wars, freedom of the press, religious hostilities and social unrest.

Syria: A cease-fire mediated by the UN a couple weeks ago has completely failed. Syrian unrest stopped for religious holidays. President Bashar and Syria’s rebels are not even close to an agreement. War will not be ended by resolutions elsewhere.

Myanmar: Religious hostilities persist in areas of Myanmar as Buddhists block aid meant for Muslim refugees. Most of these refugees come from Bangladesh and have been accused of mistreating Buddhists.

Bolivia: A few days ago four armed men attacked a radio station in a small town in Bolivia killing one reporter. The event calls to question who was involved and for what reasons. The Bolivian government has been regulating social media more than any other government in the history of the country. Could the government kill their own journalists? 

China: The Mekong River runs through South East Asia and provides most of the fishing for the impoverished population of the region. In the last days the Chinese government has been pushing Thailand to build dams in the river for energy purposes. The project can drastically affect the population economically.

Greece:  The Greek people took over the streets again this Tuesday. New cuts in wages and pensions are about to be approved by parliament and labor unions have established 48-hour strikes that could develop into riots if the parliament votes for the spending. 


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