Tuesday Newsday [11.13.12]

Happy Tuesday!

Political ads are no longer airing on television (thank goodness), but there is still so much happening around our nation! Let’s check it out.

Local News

The OPPD is proposing a 6.8% price increase for electricity in Omaha, mostly to pay for the re-starting of Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant. This will be the 14th consecutive year of price increases, and is the second-highest increase in those 14 years. Is the tax increase worth it?

An Omaha police officer was suspended and removed from the motorcycle unit after his attendance at a charity motorcycle rally resulted in pictures of topless women wearing his helmet. The officer, who is Hispanic, is suing the police department, claiming that he was not responsible for the pictures, and that he is being punished more severely than non-Hispanic officers charged with similar offenses. Read both accounts of the pictures, and let us know what you think.

National News

The affair of General David Petraeus, the former director of the CIA, has become an issue of national concern, and could have very real consequences for all of us. 

Now that the elections are over, the America’s political lens is focusing specifically on the fiscal cliff, and it sounds like the debate is going to be here for a while. What is the fiscal cliff, you ask? Good question! It’s pretty much this.

The FDA has asked congress to increase its authority over compounding pharmacies following a deadly meningitis outbreak from a compounded steroid.

President Obama is looking for a new Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense. Susan Rice, the U.S. delegate to the UN, and Senator John Kerry are rumored to be the frontrunners. Their confirmation could be tricky.

The American public, at least the portion of it that shops at Macy’s, is demanding Macy’s drop Trump from their new advertising campaign. Mostly because they think he’s an idiot.


I hope you enjoy, I hope you were not one of the people photographed on the motorcycle, and I hope you are starting to believe me that politics is important, and about more than just elections.

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