Advocacy Alerts

Sierra Club
Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a dangerous way of drilling for natural gas, and if President Obama does not step in by the end of the year, the Department of Energy (DOE) could write the natural gas industry a blank check for more fracking.
Right now, DOE is studying whether or not we should start exporting fracked liquefied natural gas (LNG). Unfortunately, they are only evaluating the economics of exports, not the environmental and public health effects of fracking.
The natural gas industry wants to ship fracked LNG to other countries to profit even more, while leaving our communities to deal with the consequences which includes poisoned drinking water, extreme air pollution, and destroyed coasts. Send a letter today, telling President Obama that DOE must look at the effects of fracking on our communities before making a decision on LNG export facilities.
The Realities of Climate Change
In the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, President Obama spoke emphatically about the dangerous impacts of climate change and the urgent need to take action.
We cannot wait any longer to take action on the climate crisis. From the absolute devastation families are going through in the wake of Sandy, to droughts, heat waves and record temperatures across the country, the dangers of climate disruption are all too real for millions of families.
This is the time for President Obama to lead our country in addressing the issue of climate change.
Urge the president to take on dirty fossil fuels and prioritize clean energy and a more sustainable America. Tell President Obama why you want him to take the lead on climate change.
Catholics Confront Global Poverty
Budget Cuts
In the next few weeks, Congress will be making decisions about international assistance that can save lives worldwide. But some people in Congress propose significant cuts to this lifesaving aid even though it makes up less than 1% of the U.S. budget.
Congress will be working on a number of things related to our nation’s finances before the holidays: an appropriations bill for this fiscal year, debt and deficit reductions, and the mandatory cuts that will go into effect on January 2nd. The results of all of these deliberations will affect poor and vulnerable communities around the world. We want to get as many messages as we can to members of Congress between November 26 and December 14 to make sure that the cuts do not harm the most poor and vulnerable people in our society.
You can help by sending an email to your member of Congress, talking about the issue on social media, or making a phone call.
For more information about this specific issue and why our faith calls us to stop these budget cuts, read the Jesuit’s statement on the issue.
Human Rights
Nabeel Rajab, a prominent leader of Bahrain’s human rights movement, was convicted in August 2012 for participation in “illegal gatherings,” “disturbing public order,” and calling for marches without prior notification. However, since May 2012, when Nabeel was initially arrested for criticizing the Prime Minister on Twitter, he has spent all but about three weeks in Bahraini custody as a Prisoner of Conscience.
Nabeel is currently serving a three-year sentence. Call on Bahraini authorities to support the freedom of expression, association, and assembly in Bahrain, and ensure that all human rights defenders are able to carry out their work without political interference and hindrance. Ask the authorities to free Nabeel and end their harassment of human rights defenders.
Do the Math Climate Change Event
Bill McKibben
The Do the Math tour is a unique and interactive experience, unlike any talk you’ve been to before. Bill McKibben believes that together we are strong enough to stand up to the fossil fuel industry influence on our politicians, land, water and air. The event is this Saturday, December 1 at the Joclyn Museum (2200 Dodge Street). The reception is from 5-6 and includes light food; the doors open at 6 for the 7 o’clock start. Buy your ticket for only $10!

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