Wednesday’s “What’s Up in the World?” [12.5.2012]

Hey everyone,

I know its hard to believe there is a world beyond the walls of the library/Skutt/(insert your favorite study place here) during these couple weeks, but its out there and here’s a couple of the key things happening in it.

One of the keys to providing a quality education is to have exceptional teachers. The American Federation of Teachers is suggesting an entrance exam similar to the bar exam for lawyers. Here’s a short summary (with a link to the full report if you have the time)!


Thought the revolution was over in Egypt? After a decree in which President Mohamed Morsi gave himself significant powers, there have been clashes between his supporters and an opposition group.


The American economy was a big point in the presidential election, but our current position is far better than some countries in the European Union. Here is a new plan put forward by Greece in an attempt to stabilize their economy, which is reeling with a current unemployment rate of nearly 24 percent.


Best of luck this week and next,



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