Photo Friday: Dignity Shots


We forget that even things like Holiday cards can be a matter of separating those who “have ” and those who “have not.” While some are busy sending out the most beautiful picture of their beautiful children in front of a beautiful tree on their beautiful vacation, enclosed with a letter about all the beautiful things that they have done this year (and, what a wonderful thing to be able to do), Some are not able to participate in this cultural rite. To not be able to send a litany of fun and successful things you have done, or to not have a photo that looks “send-able,” or to not have an address to which these holiday cards can be sent–all of these things are barriers to participation.

One non-profit, Help Portrait, has seen this need and is working with their homeless friends to address it-via the camera lens. While many of these people may not be sending out their photos to loved ones–they are receiving evidence they can carry around of their own beauty and worth.

Help Portrait says that they want to make sure that the Homeless know that  “they are valuable, respected and important members of our communities. That they may be looked past on a daily basis but . . . they are beautiful and worthy people who may just need to see it in their hands to understand what we mean.”

Click here to read more of this beautiful story, and about the lives that have been affected by it.

Click here to see a gallery of photos.


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